Could not create the cache used for updating

25-Dec-2017 18:13

We'll go over the basics of both authentication caching and SSL session caching below.

Currently, there is a bug with authentication caching that prevents passing arguments to the cache provider.

If, instead, you wish to map a few files directly into memory, you can use the Key-value caching is more complex than file caching and has more focused benefits.

Also known as a shared object cache, Apache's key-value cache is mainly used to avoid repeating expensive operations involved with setting up a client's access to content, as opposed to the content itself.

Apache can cache content with varying levels of sophistication and scalability.

The project divides these into three groups according to the method in which the content is cached.

This means that you cannot rely on Apache to pick up changes made after it has started.

Only use these on static files that will not change for the lifetime of the Apache session.

To load the module, we'll create a simple file in our When the server is restarted, Apache will open the files listed and store their file handles in the cache for faster access.

So any providers that do not provide default settings to fall back on will have issues.

Authentication caching is useful if you are using an expensive authentication method, such as LDAP or database authentication.

Now that you have a broad understanding of each of Apache's caching mechanisms, let's look at these systems in more detail.

module is mainly used to speed up file access on servers with slow filesystems.

It provides a choice of two configuration directives, both of which aim to accelerate the process of serving static files by performing some of the work when the server is started rather than when the files are requested.

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