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08-Sep-2017 07:39

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I suspect it is going to take something more that one embarrassed MP to force a change.

The Mega Growth 50 table lists Kent’s fastest-growing privately-owned companies.

It's quite possible that whoever was accessing the material on Mr Green's computer could have saved themselves a lot of grief if they'd used private browsing (although a deep forensic investigation can often find artifacts even when this has happened).

Also, Nadine Dorries MP did state that she shared her password with staff who worked for her.

Any investigation such as that will look at web browsing history, recently accessed or saved documents, cookies, bookmarks and stored documents and images.

So, it is utterly credibly that the investigation would have found this type of activity if it had occurred.

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Given that it is likely that some of them try, there's no particular reason why it shouldn't be Damian Green.If Parliament isn't filtering this sort of material then it is always likely to end up with this sort of scenario from time-to-time.