Granite batholith radiometric dating

02-Feb-2018 08:06

Many exciting results have come out of the RATE project.

Instead of radiometric dating being a challenge to creationists, it is now a .

With U halos, colouration initially develops after 100 Ma worth of alpha decay, becomes darker after about 500 Ma worth, and very dark after about 1 billion worth at today’s rates.

Within the biblical time frame, halos provide further evidence for accelerated radiometric decay.

He argued that overall peer review is needed and quite beneficial to the creationist movement, but there are shortcomings, as most all creationist and secular scientists realize.

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There is a thought-provoking appendix by the late Henry Morris on creationist peer review.

My study certainly was not a waste of time, since the earth sciences are filled with the results of dating methods, which guide many uniformitarian ideas in the earth sciences.

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