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The minimum time depth by which this migration had taken place is confirmed at circa 12,000 years ago, with the upper bound (or earliest period) remaining a matter of some unresolved contention.The time frame and exact routes are still matters of debate, and the model faces continuous challenges.Only 500 had survived by the year 1550, though the bloodlines continued through the modern populace.In Amazonia, indigenous societies weathered centuries of unforgiving colonial affronts The Spaniards and other Europeans brought horses to the Americas.

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Remnants of a human settlement in Monte Verde, Chile dated to 12,500 years ago (another layer at Monteverde has been tentatively dated to 33,000-35,000 years ago) suggests that southern Chile was settled by peoples who entered the Americas before the peoples associated with the Bering Strait migrations.This new mode of travel made it possible for some tribes to greatly expand their territories, exchange many goods with neighboring tribes, and more easily capture game.