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That made me feel good and gave me something to look forward to.“Okay, people,” Melanie said loudly.

“Time for the next item on the agenda, the new girls' double-headers. Ladies, choose your partners.”“Who gets to choose first?

She then settled down on one of the giant cushions, making sure that all of the men had a good view between her legs as she reclined there, one knee up, the other leg outstretched; leg, leg and more leg, gold and white stocking tops, garters and a gaping, well-furred pussy. “Next up is a game designed to ensure that every woman here gets banged by every man tonight,” she told us. All of us girls will line up in a row on our knees. We have loaded a collection of classic rock onto the sound system.

When the music starts the men start riding the woman in front of them.

She was leaning into it to get maximum penetration and gasping loudly as each thrust hit home.

She began coming even as she let Tom's cock drop from her lips, and Jake rapidly followed suit. When Phil finally dropped his load in her throat she swallowed in a very well-practised manner then kept his limp dick in her mouth until Steve drove her to orgasm, which finally elicited a moan.

Sylvie smiled at her and said, “You have such a great ass. “Go on then, knock yourself out,” she told her, bending over farther to push her ass out more.

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On the other end, she was taking her first face fuck like a veteran, sucking like a vampire as Pete's dick explored the depths of her throat at high speed.Pete and I stayed in place until she finished shuddering then dismounted.